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Multimaterial 3D printing | 3D Printing Progress

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How To Use A 3D Pen: 3D Printing Pen Complete Guide

The advent of the 3D pen has brought about several art and design creations that would previously have not been possible. The use of the 3D pen gives an edge and promotes innovation and creation amongst artists and designers. People often look at people who are well adept at using these pens as magicians or … Read More

3D Printing Makes Energetic Materials Easier to Produce – 3D Printing

Energetic materials form a crucial part of a lot of goods like fireworks, explosives and propellants. Shaping and producing these materials, however, can be quite a precise task considering their volatile nature. It appears that Researchers at Purdue University have cracked the code on 3D printing these materials. Their method also ensures quicker, safer, cheaper … Read More

3D printing for Olympic athletes | 3D Printing Progress

Celine and Sandrine Goberville are sisters and top-level French athletes competing in 10 meter air pistol shooting. Celine is an olympic silver medalist and a three time European champion in this discipline while her sister is a member of the French national team currently training for Tokyo Olympics in 2020. They are both testing pistol … Read More

Optimizing the Properties of Recycled 3D Printing Materials

Top: virgin PLA, bottom: recycled PLA In an attempt to mitigate the environmental impact of 3D printing, several organizations have taken to creating recycled filament, made not only from failed prints but from water bottles and other garbage. Inexpensive filament extruders are also available to allow makers to make their own filament from recyclable materials. … Read More

3D Printing and Modern Manufacturing

This entry was posted on October 26, 2017 by Samantha Hyatt. How additive manufacturing is being used to improve production and reduce costs in traditional manufacturing CERRITOS, California- October 26,2017- Since its creation in the 1980s additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has gained recognition within the traditional manufacturing and industrial industries due to its versatility and cost-effective applications. Originally, models were printed layer by layer … Read More

House 3D Printing Factory Opens In Eindhoven – 3D Printing

January 16, 2019 The Dutch city of Eindhoven has been a haven for 3D printing applications for quite a while. This is especially true of construction printing, with the city experimenting all sorts of architectural concepts. From plans for community housing to bicycle bridges to concrete materials testing, additive manufacturing has been booming. Now, the city … Read More

IDTechEx Present 3D Printing Europe 2019 | 3D Printing Progress

The IDTechEx Show! presents 3D Printing Berlin 2019, which offers the opportunity for key innovators and end users across multiple verticals to share their insights and expertise in the leading edge of additive manufacturing. IDTechEx forecasts the total market value of 3D printers, materials and services will be $40 billion by 2027. This show will … Read More

The World’s Largest 3D Printing Companies by Market Cap: Protolabs, 3D Systems on Top

This is a list of the largest 3D printing companies in the world measured by market capitalisation. Thanks to their resources, these companies dominate the global 3D printing market. 1. Protolabs (NASDAQ: PRLB) Above: Protolabs Corporate HQ Maple Plain, US/Image Credit: Protolabs Market Capitalisation: $3.15 Billion (As of January 9, 2019) With a market cap of … Read More

Interview with Ankit Sahu of India’s Largest 3D Printing Service Bureau: Objectify Technologies

Only a few years ago Ankit Sahu started Objectify Technologies. Over the past years of rapid growth, Objectify has become India’s largest 3D printing service bureau. The company serves the automotive and industrial markets and works with the main 3D printing technologies including powder bed (selective laser sintering), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS, LBPF, Selective … Read More

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