3D Printing Pen, Ailink 3D Doodling Pen With OLED Display, PLA/ABS/PCL Filament Supported for Kids and adults, 3D Modeling, Art Design – White


1.Cutting-Edge 3D Printing Pen Technology: More accurate for its 8 digital feeding speeds controlling. Adjustable feeding lets your regulate speed & flow with an optimal control of material while you’re drawing with our 3D printing pen
2.Ergonomic Shape Design: More slimmer with best handle curve style for easy holding, super lightweight only 55 grams, let your hands move freely and comfortable for smooth operation
3.Easier Working: Easier to put 3D filament replaces into the hole at the top of the pen, press the button, the pen will auto load the filaments refills.
4.USB Ports: We can take a pen to the outside and paint at any time.
PLA/ABS/PCL Filament Mode: This 3D printing pen is capable of using 1.75mm PLA /ABS/PCL filaments. Kit includes 2coil of PLA/ABS plastic filaments.

1.The 3D printing pen is suitable for children over 6 years old and adult. Used by children must be under tutelage of adult.
2.According to different materials to choose the matching mode, please ensure that the pen head is cleaned before feed in other filament

Material: Lastics
Weight: 0.12 LBS (product)
Product size:7(L)x0.94(W)x 0.95 (H) inch
Input voltage: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Output voltage: DC5V 2A
Filament Material Length: 16.5 feet
Forming: three-dimensional
Print Range: indefinite
Spinning speed: Adjustable

Adjustable Heating temperature:
ABS (180-210 degree celsius)
PLA (160-180 degree celsius)
PCL (50-60 degree celsius)

Package Included:
1 x 3d printing pen
1 x User manual
1 x USB cable
2 x finger cot (Random color delivery)
2 x 1.75mm filament (Random color delivery)

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